A graduate officer’s journey

Lindon McKenna commenced his career in the public sector in 2011 as the inaugural graduate of the Integrity Coordinating Group’s (ICG) graduate program. The two-year program involved rotations at the Office of the Auditor General, the Public Sector Commission, the Corruption and Crime Commission and Ombudsman Western Australia. 

‘I valued being responsible for meaningful and challenging work, guided by experienced supervisors, in eight business areas during the program. I gained valuable insight into the important role the oversight agencies play in the WA public sector integrity framework,’ Lindon said.

Near the end of the graduate program Lindon was appointed Senior Project Officer at Ombudsman Western Australia. This diverse role supports the governance, policy, research, reporting, and communications activities of the office. In November 2016, he was appointed Principal Project Officer. 

‘Now as the senior officer of the team, I manage communications programs and complex projects, provide guidance to other team members, and support the Ombudsman, Deputy Ombudsman and Director Research and Projects in a fast-paced and varied working environment. I continue to apply my experiences in the graduate program to my work, including the integrity principles that all agencies can apply to help build public trust in the public sector,’ Lindon said.

The ICG is an informal collaboration of Western Australia’s core public sector integrity institutions, the Office of the Information Commissioner, Corruption and Crime Commission, Office of the Auditor General, Office of the Ombudsman and Public Sector Commission.

The ICG aims to promote policy coherence and operational coordination through increased public awareness, workplace education and prevention, and advice on a range of relevant integrity issues. The ICG graduate program continues and is now into its seventh year. Three graduates have successfully completed the program, and each graduate was retained within their home agency. The fourth graduate is currently almost halfway through the program.

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Page last updated 19 October 2017