The aim of the Public Sector Commission is to support an efficient public sector in providing services that meet the needs of Western Australians. A public sector that operates with integrity is also important to ensure public trust and accountability for its decisions.

The Commission has a significant role in supporting public authorities through providing guidance and supporting organisational performance and legislative compliance. It also designs and delivers development programs to enhance the capability of government employees.

State of the WA public sector 2015—Creating opportunities informs the Parliament, staff and the broader community of public sector performance over the previous year. In particular, the report addresses the requirement for the Public Sector Commissioner to report annually to Parliament, under the Public Sector Management Act 1994, on the state of administration and management and the extent of compliance with standards and ethical codes. It also covers the Commissioner's reporting obligations under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2003 (PID Act) on the extent of compliance with the PID Act.

The report draws on a number of information sources including the public sector entity survey (PSES), public interest disclosure (PID) survey, employee perception survey (EPS), equal employment opportunity (EEO) survey, integrity and conduct survey (ICS), and human resource minimum obligatory information requirement (HRMOIR) data. The Commission makes every effort to ensure the integrity of reported data but is reliant on public authorities to provide accurate data.

Further information regarding the Commission's evaluation framework can be found in 'Appendix A – Evaluation framework'.

This year's report continues to reflect a more contemporary style and benchmark the WA public sector's performance against other jurisdictions for a variety of performance indicators. Public authorities are encouraged to access more detailed comparative information in the State of the WA public sector statistical bulletin 2015 to benchmark their own performance.


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