Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment - Annual report 2017

DEOPE Annual report cover 2017

Welcome to the Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment’s Annual report for 2017

As we seek creative solutions to complex challenges, the case for diversity and inclusion has never been stronger. I am pleased to present my annual report as Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment (DEOPE) to the Parliament of Western Australia, public authorities and the Western Australian community.

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Our year in review

The focus this year was on the objectives of the statutory office of the DEOPE and how these translate into strategic actions and deliverable outcomes for public authorities. While management commitment is strong, and mandatory governance and policy frameworks are in place, there is a gap between policy and practice.

The recruitment practices of a selected group of public sector agencies were analysed. The findings showed the importance of diversity and inclusion is well understood. However, a clear link between strategic outcomes, workforce planning, and recruitment practices could be further strengthened.

A focus on retention and engagement strategies is also required so diversity can be fully integrated in public authorities. Strategies for professional development, leadership training, performance reviews and feedback, and a consideration of working hours and conditions should be in place for all employees.

Many public authorities have seen an increase in the number of employees self-disclosing their diversity status, which has resulted in a more accurate picture of the diversity of our sectors. The employee perception survey data also indicates 69 per cent of public sector employees think their workplace culture makes people feel comfortable to disclose.

A strong theme underpins many of the observations and interactions across the year—that is the importance of strong relationships in achieving collective goals and positive outcomes.

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