Equal employment opportunity data collection

During each reporting period the DEOPE and the Commission collect diversity data through a range of instruments.

Measurin​g diversity

The Equal employment opportunity (EEO) survey is conducted annually for local governments, universities and government trading enterprises. This survey provides one of the primary data sets that directly inform the DEOPE’s functions. In 2017, the survey was revised to better capture information for the DEOPE on activities to improve outcomes, achieve diversity targets and manage unconscious bias in the workplace. The 2017 survey also has a stronger focus on gender equality and reflects relevant sections of the Public sector entity survey (PSES) to enable comparisons across sectors. 

Public sector entities (including the Police Force and electorate offices) also provide workforce data each quarter through the Human resource minimum obligatory information requirement (HRMOIR). 

The data provided to the DEOPE through the EEO survey and HRMOIR fulfils public authorities’ annual reporting requirements under Section 146 of the EO Act.

EEO and HRMOIR data at 31 March 2017

Page last updated 14 September 2017