Aboriginal employment

Attract, appoint and advance: An employment strategy for Aboriginal people (Attract, appoint and advance) provides a cohesive set of actions that will help public authorities realise good practices around attracting, appointing, retaining and developing Aboriginal people.

The strategy’s primary goal is to achieve greater retention and sustainable improvement in the representation of Aboriginal employees at all levels.

Seen as mutual, cultural markers encompassing a career pathway, progressing from employment through to leadership, the three priority areas for public authorities to achieve this goal are to:

Attract Aboriginal people to work in public employment

Appoint Aboriginal people to positions commensurate with their skills and expertise in a fair and equitable manner

Advance the careers of Aboriginal employees and develop Aboriginal leaders for effective public sector stewardship

The performance objectives adopted under Attract, appoint and advance are to :

  • promote the wider public sector as a workplace of choice for Aboriginal people
  • create culturally secure and inclusive workplace environments
  • achieve more equitable representation of Aboriginal employees at all levels to create a workforce reflective of the community it serves
  • promote greater understanding and application of measures to achieve equality available under the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 and the policy framework for substantive equality
  • increase the employment of Aboriginal people in regional Western Australia
  • raise the representation rate of Aboriginal employees in leadership roles in public employment
  • equip Aboriginal employees with the skills and experience to become effective leaders
  • create career pathways in senior and executive roles for Aboriginal employees
  • recognise the achievements of Aboriginal leaders and enable them to champion and support the advancement of other Aboriginal employees.

Attract, appoint and advance is an important document for developing, reviewing and implementing workforce, diversity and employment strategies.

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Aboriginal employment - Best practice examples  

These initiatives have been identified as examples of good practice in Aboriginal employment and should be shared with the sector.

Aboriginal mentoring program

Mentoring for Aboriginal employees offer a great opportunity for both mentors and mentees to develop their skills, share key knowledge, encourage the formation of networks and work towards future goals. The 'Aboriginal mentoring program' has been developed around the concepts of contemporary mentoring, but has individual key considerations consistent with the diversity, values and characteristics of Aboriginal people. 

The documents below will assist you in developing a mentoring program.

Jawun Partnership

The program supports by providing short-term secondment opportunities for the placement of non-Aboriginal participants in Aboriginal organisations and communities. The secondment provides a unique development opportinty for public sector leaders of the future.

Go to the Jawun Partnerships for more details.

Online cultural confidence module - 'Sharing culture'

The Public Sector Commission developed the online Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ‘sharing culture’ cultural confidence module to demonstrate its commitment to increasing the diversity of the Western Australian public service, including increased representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the workforce.  

The module contributes to the development of a culturally inclusive workplace as required under the 'Attract' priority area of the Attract, appoint and advance: An employment strategy for Aboriginal people.

The module is designed to:

  • complement the Office of Multicultural Interests’ online training module ‘Diverse WA’
  • create culturally appropriate and supportive working environments where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people feel valued and included
  • complement agency induction packages.

The website can now be accessed at http://sharingculture.publicsector.wa.gov.au

The Aboriginal Employment Unit of the Commission will have responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and content of the site. If you have any questions relating to site or the content of the module, contact the Aboriginal Employment Unit at aboriginalemployment@psc.wa.gov.au

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