Preparing your organisation to accept and accommodate employees with a disability is an important part of inclusion.
Public authorities must ensure diversity and inclusion is strategically linked to business planning processes and organisational values, and demonstrate this commitment through its actions
Objective: Develop values statements, policies, strategies and business plans that reflect the importance of diversity and inclusion, and contribute to improved employment outcomes for people with disability. 

Useful links

Remove barriers to employment

  • The Australian Human Rights Commission  undertook a national inquiry into employment discrimination against Older Australians and Australians with Disability.
    • Willing to Work National Inquiry found that strategies for increased flexibility at work, leveraging procurement and reducing bias are the best way forward for creating job opportunities for people with disability and older Australians.

Assess your organisation’s disability confidence  

Build disability employment partnerships

  • The National Disability Recruitment Coordinator (NDRC) is a free service that partners with employers to identify, plan for, and achieve their disability employment goals. The NDRC provides a free comprehensive job vacancy service that includes advice on how to design and write clear position descriptions, and how to work with disability employment service providers through every stage of the recruitment process.
  • JobAccess provides free Disability Employment Services information that helps you to locate employment providers in your area. A service star rating is available to assist employers to identify services most suitable for partnerships in the successful recruitment, retention and development of employees who identify with a disability.
  • JobActive connects employers with jobseekers through Disability Employment Services (DES). Search for a DES local to your organisation or advertise your job online for free.
  • The Australian Network on Disability and Disability Employment Australia have produced a guide to support employers to build effective partnerships with disability employment service providers and achieve their disability employment outcomes successfully.

Develop a disability employment plan for action

  • JobAccess provides linked information and examples of strategic plans for achieving disability employment objectives.
  • Integrate your authority’s disability employment objectives into your Workforce and diversity plans.

Monitor, evaluate and report internal workforce diversity data

The Public Sector Commission’s Workforce trends page provides broad workforce demographic data, analysis and advice that assists public authorities to plan for future workforce and diversity outcomes.


Page last updated 8 August 2018