Providing employment and development opportunities is crucial in creating meaningful work and future career pathways for people with disability.

Public authorities committed to providing development opportunities that best meet the needs of employees with disability assist with making public employment a more attractive proposition to all people with disability.

Objective: Support the development of employees with disability in a way that leads to ongoing employment, enhanced performance, professional development and career progression.

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First do no harm

Use the Public Sector Commissioner’s Circular 2018 – 02 to achieve diversity employment outcomes 

Introduce good practice flexibilities to the workplace

Adverti​se your vacancy with a Disability Employment Service provider

Manage performance development and career progression

  • JobAccess and National Disability Recruitment Coordinator provide advice and tools for developing a disability employment support plan to address the individual needs of employees with disability, help them perform in their roles, keep their jobs and progress in their careers.

Provide train​ing opportunities

Provide procurement opportunities

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