Mental health in the workplace

Good mental health is not simply the absence of a mental disorder. It is a state of wellbeing whereby individuals can realise their own potential, manage everyday stresses, work productively and contribute to their community.

Having a better understanding of mental illness, promoting good mental health in the workplace and supporting those who may be experiencing mental health problems are essential components of creating a safe and healthy workplace that benefits all workers.

Supporting good mental health in the workplace: a resource for agencies has been developed, in partnership with the Mental Health Commission, for the public sector to highlight the importance of good mental health in the workplace. It provides information about:

  • the legal and ethical responsibilities of employers
  • activities and strategies for creating a trusting and inclusive work environment
  • steps to reduce the stigma of mental health problems; support and retain staff; and improve the working environment
  • resources and support services for HR staff and line managers.

Page last updated 28 June 2016