Unconscious bias awareness

The Public Sector Commission is committed to building a public sector workforce that reflects our diverse community. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge we all have unconscious biases that shape our attitudes, and are constantly reinforced by our experiences and environment. Being aware of unconscious bias, and managing its effects on all our recruitment and selection decisions is a significant factor towards ensuring we have diverse and inclusive workplaces. 

Unconscious bias in recruitment and selection decisions may result in highly suitable and talented applicants being overlooked during the selection process. Selection panel members need to be aware that they—individually and collectively—have unconscious and conscious biases, and that these play a significant role in the overall decision making process.

The Commission recommends selection panel members watch the video briefing on managing unconscious bias, and if possible, discuss its content with each other prior to commencing the recruitment and selection process.

If your organisation has an interest in implementing processes designed to reduce unconscious bias risks, there are a wide range of online resources available publicly to assist in managing unconscious bias and building inclusive workplaces, including Diversity Australia’s unconscious bias test

Page last updated 27 March 2018