Traineeship Transition to Employment, Recruitment and Referral Service (TTERRS)

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What is the Traineeship Transition to Employment, Recruitment and Referral Service (TTERRS)?

The Public Sector Commission has developed a Traineeship Transition to Employment,  Recruitment and Referral Service (TTERRS) previously known as Trainee Transition to Employment Program (TTEP), that enables Western Australian public sector agencies to continue to use the flexibility within the Commissioner’s Instructions to retain candidates who have successfully completed their Certificate II, III or IV in Government (Public Administration) into entry level 1 positions.

TTERRS is comprised of a register of the above mentioned skilled candidates who are interested and available for entry level 1 vacancies that arise and are referred to agencies as requested.

Which agencies can participate in the TTERRS?

The service is available to all public sector agencies (SES, Non SES and Schedule 1 entities) and is also open to those agencies that do not participate in a traineeship program.

How will your agency benefit from the TTERRS?

Engaging with the Recruitment and Referral Service allows your agency to:

  • retain skilled candidates – the service enables a smooth transition for the candidate to be employed within the agency in which their traineeship was completed in public administration, if a vacancy arises
  • reduce recruitment cost – the Commission recruits candidates on behalf of the agency
  • have a number of suitable candidates referred to you for consideration in a timely manner
  • meet diversity targets – request candidates from diversity groups including youth 24 years and under, people with disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • focus on selection – the Commission does all the recruitment groundwork so agencies can focus on the important task of selection
  • agencies can request a specific candidate via an individual assessment of merit and directly appoint them into the agencies vacant fixed term or permanent level 1 position,

What is the PSC's role?

The Public Sector Commission will:

  • support and guide agencies to raise a TTERRS vacancy
  • contact agencies once a vacancy is raised to discuss the position further
  • to attract a suitable candidate the Commission can develop a cover letter  template for the candidates to complete if your agency would like them to address some specific selection criteria
  • contact applicants with details of the position available and provide a timeline for applicants to express an interest
  • refer interested and suitable applicants to the agency’s vacancy,

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