Traineeships in Government a Recruitment and Referral Service

Your agency can recruit and appoint high-quality trainee candidates from one of our traineeship programs.

As a youth employment initiative for the sector, we maintain a database of candidates, 24 years of age or under, who are eager to start their career with a traineeship in the WA public sector.

Benefits of recruiting from our Recruitment and Referral Services

  • Fill vacancies fast – we have a database of eligible applicants ready to be referred to your agency.
  • Focus on the selection process – we’ve done all the recruitment groundwork for you. You'll save on recruitment and advertising costs as well.
  • Access to a diverse talent pool – our programs include people with disabilities and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
  • Simple and cost-effective recruitment – requests can be submitted through the Recruitment Advertising Management System (RAMS).
  • Leadership development opportunities – for  your staff to train and mentor trainees.
  • Ongoing support and advice – we can help with every stage of the traineeship placement.

Information for job seekers

If you are interested in doing a traineeship with the WA State Government, go to the JobsWA website and navigate to the Government traineeship program or School-based traineeship program links, for information on how to apply.

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Page last updated 18 December 2019