Aboriginal Traineeship Program

Increasing employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians is a priority for the public sector; and is part of our work to build a diverse, talented and versatile workforce.

We are pleased to offer this employment-based traineeship to young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 24 years and under.

Trainees are employed by the Commission and hosted in State Government agencies. They complete a traineeship over 12 months (full time), enabling them to develop skills in public administration and explore career pathways in the sector.


  • get on-the-job experience and build foundational knowledge in government that could lead to future employment in the sector
  • work towards a nationally recognised qualification (Certificate III in Government), providing structured learning in combination with work
  • are supported by staff from the Commission staff and allocated Aboriginal Workforce Program Officers
  • are paid for the hours they work during the traineeship
  • develop valuable work and personal lifeskills and confidence.

Aboriginal Workforce Programs Officers provide mentoring support to trainees throughout the traineeship. They visit trainees in their workplaces and identify opportunities for ongoing employment in the sector.

The call out for people to apply for the traineeship and for agencies to identify hosting opportunities takes place towards the end of year calendar year. Selection of trainees and host agencies takes places in early January and trainees start their traineeships in February. 

Contact Us

Phone: (08) 6552 8544

Email: aboriginalemployment@psc.wa.gov.au

Page last updated 18 December 2019