Public Sector Traineeship Recruitment and Referral Service (PSTRRS)

The PSTRRS is an employment-based training initiative targeting Youth diversity 17 – 24 years of age and also includes Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander youth and people with a disability youth who want to learn administration skills and prepare themselves for a career in the WA public sector. On completion, trainees will receive a nationally-recognised qualification – a Certificate II, III or IV in Government (Public Administration).

The Public Sector Commission can refer candidates from the following youth diversity streams as requested by agencies:

  • general
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (ATSI)
  • regional
  • people with disability (PWD)

What is the pu​rpose of the PSTRRS?

The PSTRRS is a database register of suitably screened candidates who are interested in undertaking a traineeship within the WA public sector.

By providing traineeship opportunities, your agency can expect to:

  • increase youth employment and support the public sector’s commitment to employing young people, including increasing your diversity target representation
  • reporting strategies towards your agency’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Management Plans or integrated Workforce and Diversity Plan
  • build your agency’s base of skilled and qualified young people who are trained in accordance with your agency’s operational requirements
  • access an affordable workforce development solution
  • access a diverse range of candidates including PWD and ATSI who are interested in a traineeship within the public sector
  • fast track the recruitment process—receive candidate resumes within three days of submitting a request
  • reduce recruitment costs—the Commission sources candidates so you do not need to advertise
  • providing mentorship and leadership development opportunities for staff supervising trainees
  • obtaining an opportunity to draw innovative ideas from a youth perspective
  • strategy to address our aging workforce and invest in our future talent for the WA public sector 

How does the traineeship ​work?

Public sector trainees are employed as a trainee for 12 months full-time or 18 months part time, to complete a nationally recognised qualification, Certificate II, III or IV in Government (Public Administration). All training and assessment is completed on the job and is applied in the context of your agency. Upon completion of the traineeship, trainees are skilled in the business of your agency and can be directly appointed into an entry Level 1 position through the Commission's Traineeship Transition to Employment Recruitment and Referral Service TTERRS or advertising externally through

If your agency is not in a position to offer further employment, you can refer the candidate to register for the ‘Traineeship Transition to Employment, Recruitment and Referral Service’ (TTERRS) within 12 months from their traineeship completion date. Candidates who are successful in registering for TTERRS will be placed in the pool for 12 months. Candidates will be registered from the date of completing their traineeship and active for the remainder of the period. Candidates maybe referred to agencies without the need to go through the formal competitive assessment merit-select process. See the Public sector traineeship program – A guide for agencies for more information on how to request a trainee through TTERRS.

How can I recruit a tra​inee?

Your agency will be able to recruit a trainee at any time of the year, by submitting a trainee request via the Recruitment Advertising Management System (RAMS). Within three days of receiving your request we will provide you with a number of candidate resumes. 

See the Public sector traineeship Recruitment and Referral Service – A guide for agencies for more information on how to place a trainee request on RAMS.

Ongoing support and​ advice

The Commission provides advice and support on every phase of the traineeship process, including:

  • recruitment, selection and appointment
  • guidance on signing trainees onto national training contracts
  • general advice on all aspects of the traineeship including advice on registered training organisations, Australian Apprenticeship Support Networks and the Apprenticeship Office,
  • trainee competencies from the Certificate II, III or IV in Government (Public Administration) 
  • information session and forums to support supervisors of trainees
  • ongoing employment options at the end of the traineeship.

Infor​mation for job seekers – how to apply

Interested individuals who are 24 year of age or under are encouraged to register. Traineeship job opportunities may include:

  • General Youth (24 years or under) 
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander   
  • Regional Youth Regional  
  • People with Disability  

Interested individuals can receive traineeship job alerts as they are advertised on Jobs WA by registering at ‘Email me jobs’ and selecting Apprenticeship/Traineeship under 'Occupation' when completing their details.

Please note that there are no set recruitment dates for traineeships. Registering will ensure that you will be notified of any traineeship opportunities as they arise within the WA public sector.

Regional traineeships

In recognition of the importance of attracting and retaining a skilled workforce in regional WA, the service includes the following regions:

  • Gascoyne
  • Goldfields-Esperance
  • Great Southern
  • Kimberley
  • Mid-West
  • Peel
  • Pilbara
  • South West
  • Wheatbelt.

The Public Sector Commission would strongly encourage regional agencies to contact us to discuss how we can support them in matching jobseekers in their region to a government traineeship.

Where c​an I get more information?

For ag​encies:

Con​tact us

Recruitment and Referral Service Team

Public Sector Commission

Workforce Strategy Branch

Phone: (08) 6552 8764


Page last updated 18 December 2019