Traineeship information for agencies

Why change to the government qualifications?

Government qualifications are designed to develop skills and knowledge essential for a trainee embarking on a career in the public sector. These competencies develop skills in the business of government through a range of entry level public administrative tasks.

Will government qualifications articulate to academic qualifications?

Yes. Government qualifications are nationally recognised through the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. A trainee will complete a Certificate II, III or IV in Government.

Is all the learning conducted and completed in the workplace?

Yes, traineeships combine practical experience at work with structured learning, therefore the majority of competencies are completed in the workplace. Some units may require off-site learning which may include attendance at workshops or site visits.

Has the ‘School-based traineeship program’ changed to a government qualification?

Yes, from 2013 school-based trainees undertake a Certificate II in Government.

How do agencies access a trainee from the ‘Public sector traineeship program’?

Public sector agencies can recruit a trainee from the ‘Public sector traineeship program’ at any time during the year by submitting a trainee request via RAMS. See the Public sector traineeship program – A guide for agencies.

Is there scope to tailor a Government qualification to meet specific skill requirements with my agency?

Yes, agencies can select elective units within the Government qualification to meet the agency’s needs. The registered training organisation can assist you to choose the most appropriate elective units, and there are sample government qualifications to assist you.

Is it a requirement for all trainees to undertake a government qualification?

Yes. Trainees recruited from the ‘Public sector traineeship program’  should undertake a Government qualification in line with the Commission’s commitment to building public sector administration skills and capacity in the sector. If your agency intends to recruit a trainee to undertake a different qualification, you can advertise on

Does my agency have to go through the ‘Public sector traineeship program’ to recruit a trainee?

No, it is not mandatory, however it is strongly recommended that agencies go through the Commission’s the ‘Public sector traineeship program’. The Commission does all the recruitment groundwork for you. All you have to do is select the right trainee for your agency.

Can a traineeship be undertaken part-time?

Yes, as long as the traineeship arrangement is a minimum of 20 hours. Remember, taking on a part-time trainee will mean that the length of the traineeship will be longer that the usual 12 months.

Can I recruit a trainee over 24 years of age from your program?

No. The Commission only sources candidates who are 24 years and under to promote and support youth employment. However, agencies can advertise on for trainees over 25 years of age, if preferred.

Can I recruit trainees for regional traineeships from your program?

Yes. The Commission recognises the importance of attracting and retaining a skilled workforce in regional WA. The ‘Public sector traineeship program’ includes all towns and cities in the following regions:

  • Gascoyne
  • Goldfields-Esperance
  • Great Southern
  • Kimberley
  • Mid-West
  • Peel
  • Pilbara
  • South West
  • Wheatbelt.

Page last updated 28 June 2016