Recruitment Advertising Management System (RAMS)


RAMS is the online application that allows agencies to manage HR requirements around the following areas:

  • recruitment
  • severance
  • redeployment
  • traineeships
  • graduate programs
  • employment registers


Training is available for all RAMS users and covers all aspects of RAMS. The training is provided by Thomson Reuters. The Training Syllabus document linked below describes the courses and lists the prices of all courses on offer for RAMS users.

For all RAMS training queries contact:

RAMS Training Team


Phone: 1300 733 056


Enhancements to RAMS are released regularly. Agencies should contact the RAMS Contract Manager to discuss enhancements to the system.

Contact for further information:

Thomson Reuters

  • TR's RAMS Helpdesk

    Preferred first point of contact for administrative support and technical issues

    Phone: 1300 733 056 or email:

Public Sector Commission

  • PSC RAMS team

    Assistance with re-clearing vacancies or other administrative issues not able to be resolved by TR's RAMS Helpdesk


Page last updated 6 June 2019