Workforce and diversity planning

Workforce and diversity planning are complementary processes that aim to achieve an ideal workforce. The processes are critical in assisting public authorities to effectively plan and manage their future workforce and service delivery needs. A public authority must be strategic in its thinking and responsive in its actions.  

Workforce and diversity planning relates to:

  • making informed decisions about business practices, aligned to organisational goals and community needs
  • developing short and long term strategies to build and maintain a skilled, flexible and sustainable workforce.

Integrated​ workforce and diversity plans

Commissioner’s Circular 2017-04 encourages authorities to consider the integration of diversity with broader workforce planning through an integrated workforce and diversity plan. This integrated approach supports an inclusive workplace and streamlines human resource planning processes. However, an integrated plan must still meet the legislative obligations of section 145 of the Equal Opportunity Act 1984. The decision to integrate plans lies with leaders and people managers.

Australian Standard Workforce ​planning (the Standard)

The Standard has been developed in response to Australian and international demand for workforce planning advice, methods, services and technology. The objective of this Standard is to set out the key features of a workforce plan and outline how to go about creating one. It describes a framework for strategic, operational and workforce management planning which is flexible and transferrable to any size and type of organisation.

Public authorities may choose to use the Standards approach to develop their workforce plan and can purchase a copy of AS 5620:2015.

Page last updated 29 September 2017