Human Resource Minimum Obligatory Information Requirement (HRMOIR)

What is HRMOIR data colle​ction?

Each quarter the Public Sector Commission collects workforce demographic data from public sector agencies through the HRMOIR process, and reports this data publicly through a workforce quarterly report. HRMOIR data is collected through the Sector Reporting Portal (the Portal). 

Who provides this da​ta?

Commissioner’s Instruction No. 6 – Workforce data reporting obligations outlines the requirement for employing authorities (as defined in section 5 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994) to submit HRMOIR data quarterly. 

This does not apply to local governments, public universities or government trading enterprises.

Why is it collect​ed?

HRMOIR data is collected to provide a picture of the public sector workforce to assist public sector agencies with their own monitoring, analysis, planning and reporting processes and feeds into the Public Sector Commissioner and Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment’s (DEOPE) reports to the Parliament. 

Resource​s to help public sector agencies

There are a number of resources available to assist agencies in the process of submitting their HRMOIR data.

  • Commissioner's Instruction No. 6 – Workforce data reporting obligations
  • HRMOIR Data Definitions

    A list of data fields and definitions contained within the HRMOIR dataset to ensure  a consistent methodology is applied across the public sector.
  • Sector Reporting Portal User Guide

    A brief guide to submitting HRMOIR data into the Sector Reporting Portal.
  • ANZSCO Coding guide for agencies

    A guide to assist agencies in determining ANZSCO codes for public sector positions that will lead to higher accuracy (satisfactorily describing the position in terms of skills necessary and the position within corporate structure) and reliability (reflecting broader consistency of coding in similar jobs across the sector) of coding practices.
  • ANZSCO Coder

    To assist public sector entities with ANZSCO coding, an ANZSCO Coder is available from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The ANZSCO Coder provides a quick and efficient way to code occupation information to a corresponding ANZSCO with a higher degree of accuracy and consistency. To obtain a copy of the ANZSCO Coder from ABS or for further information email

Furt​her assistance

The Commission offers individual training to officers responsible for submitting HRMOIR data. Group training sessions on HRMOIR data collection and management tools can also be arranged on an 'as-needed' basis. 

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