Frequently asked questions

Is the training compulsory for all staff in my agency?

As outlined in Commissioner’s Instruction No.8 – Codes of conduct and integrity it is expected that all public sector employees will receive training in line with the materials provided on this website. 

Who delivers the training?

Agencies have a responsibility to ensure that their staff receive training. The Public Sector Commissioner will offer AEDM training to public sector chief executive officers and directors general.

My CEO/DG wants to run the training in this agency - how do I get started?

Start by reading the website and downloading the materials. The facilitators' guide is a particularly handy reference as it includes information about program delivery. You will want to consider how best to provide training within your organisation, based on its size, operational needs and business activities. Also, consider ways that the material could be tailored to suit your agency, particularly the scenarios

Some agencies may not have the 'in-house' capacity to provide training to their staff and may decide to seek assistance from a contractor or facilitator; recruit someone on secondment; contract someone to tailor and run training within their organisation.

If you have any questions, please call the Advisory Line on 6552 8888 to talk it through.

How can the Public Sector Commission help?

The Public Sector Commission is keen to see the program successfully delivered across the sector and are happy to talk to agencies about their strategies for delivering the program. We can also provide support and advice to agencies about how to integrate training within their organisation and in relation to their existing training programs and commitments, such as Induction training.

Call the Advisory Line on 6552 8888 for assistance.

Do new employees to the agency need to do the training again if they have attended the AEDM training at a previous public sector employer?

We would always suggest employees receive the AEDM training in the agency in which they work. The value of the AEDM training is that the content includes an agency’s Code of Conduct and specific policies and procedures particular to that agency.

Is the training a one-off?

It was always envisaged AEDM training could be embedded in future training programs run by agencies with agencies. Resources are available for agencies to deliver an AEDM refresher session of approximately one-hour to revisit the key messages of the AEDM program with their employees.

I have regional staff, how can I provide them with the training?

Agencies can, where possible, utilise existing internal training and communication structures for training their regional staff. If agencies are having difficulty identifying possible ways of training regional staff, please call the Advisory Line on 6552 8888 to discuss training options.

Can my agency modify the training materials?

Yes. It is expected agencies will customise the materials to reflect the particular risks to integrity given the specific activities and priorities of their organisation. Agencies can tailor the training to their operational requirements and conditions and have discretion in how they deliver the program.


As part of the program, it is suggested that agencies include a number of scenarios or activities to work through the modules. These are best customised to reflect agency business as it will allow participants to work through relevant situation they are likely to face in their workplace and their decision-making.

While agencies have flexibility in structuring and tailoring the materials, it is expected that agencies will use the Public Sector Commission training materials and address  the seven conduct categories.

How is the program structured?

The training program contains seven modules, which mirror the categories of conduct contained in the conduct guide. The module on Conflicts of interest and gifts and benefits has been adapted from the course developed by the Integrity Coordinating Group.

It is recommended that a case study, or activity, be developed that relates to each of the modules to allow participants to work through issues relating to that topic.

Does training need to cover all seven modules contained in the participants' handbook?

It is expected that agency training will cover the modules outlined in the participants handbook.

Will the training materials be updated?

The materials will be updated as required because they refer to legislation, policies and instructions that may be amended or replaced.

Please check the website periodically to ensure you are working from the most up-to-date version. If you notice something that needs attention, please call the Advisory Line on 6552 8888.


Page last updated 29 February 2016