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The training program will continue to be updated, so please check the website periodically to ensure you are working from the most up-to-date version.

Accountable and Ethical Decision MakingThe training materials contain:

Participants' handbook

This handbook can be provided in hardcopy to employees by agencies and is to be used in conjunction with the training program.

Public sector employee training slides

This PowerPoint presentation for delivery by facilitators to public sector employees can be customised by agencies making it more relevant to their specific operational requirements.

Facilitators' guide

The guide will assist internal/external facilitators in delivering the training program to public sector employees.  It includes references to the Commissioner’s Instruction No. 8 – Codes of conduct and integrity training and the seven conduct areas. 

Case studies booklet

The booklet of suggested case studies can be adapted by agencies and facilitators to suit the operational circumstances of the agency. These are examples only and agencies are encouraged to develop case studies relevant to their integrity risks. 

Refresher session

The refresher session was developed following requests from agencies wishing to deliver a shorter session for employees who have completed the full AEDM program. It runs for approximately one hour and assists agencies to revisit the key messages of the AEDM program with their employees. It also provides agencies with the opportunity to discuss changes to their code of conduct and relevant policies and procedures. The refresher session does not replace the need for employees to have completed the full program.

Resources for the refresher session include a facilitator’s guide and PowerPoint slides.

Business card

The business card can be printed by agencies and provided to employees at the training sessions.  It is a useful reference resource for employees to have on hand as it includes contact details.

AEDM for boards and committees

The AEDM program has been customised for public sector boards and committees. The program reflects the seven conduct areas outlined in Commissioner’s Instruction No. 8, while allowing boards and committees to include information from their own codes of conduct and policies. The program suits a 90 minute, face-to-face delivery and board chairs are encouraged to deliver it themselves.

Resources for the AEDM program for boards and committees include a facilitator’s guide and PowerPoint slides.

AEDM for local government

The Commission has developed an AEDM program customised for local government. The program is based on a number of conduct areas and encourages local governments to expand on relevant legislative provisions and incorporate information from their codes of conduct and policies.  

Resources for the AEDM program for local governments include a guide for facilitators, a handbook for participants and PowerPoint slides. 

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