Implementing the capability framework

Tools and guides to assist HR practitioners to implement and use the Framework in their agencies to build individual and workforce capability are being developed by the Commission and HR Skills Development Working Group.   As these tools and guides become available, they will be published on this web page.

Tools for Employees:  

  • to assist you to identify areas for development in your current role or one to which you aspire. 
  • to help you build transferable skills and knowledge that are applicable in any HR function within the public sector.

Tools for HR managers:

  • to assist in conducting performance discussions and identifying learning & development opportunities. 
  • to aid in strategic HR planning, designing jobs, workforce and succession planning.  

Capability Assessment and Development Templates

Capability Assessment and Development templates have been designed to help HR employees and managers identify and assess capability for current or future roles, and to plan for development needs. 

Managers can use them to conduct performance discussions with their HR practitioners, identify capability development needs and agree on a learning and development plan: 

Individuals may also use them to plan their next career move by undertaking a self-assessment:

Building capabilities

The following tools and guides will assist in building HR practitioner skills and knowledge against the Framework.

  • Workforce Planning Toolkit 

    A wealth of information, checklists, guides and good practices examples to support agencies to plan ahead in relation to their workforce requirements and to build workforce planning capabilities in HR practitioners and managers.
  • Recruitment and Employment

    Information related to the legislative instruments regulating public sector employment, tools and good practice examples to assist you to think creatively.  Tailor recruitment processes to your agency's needs and be confident that you are conforming to public sector recruitment standards.
  • Accountable and Ethical Decision Making Training Program

    Provides information about accountability requirements and to better equip public sector employees to deal with ethical dilemmas that they may encounter.

Good practice examples

As the Framework is implemented we will also share with you with you the ways in which other agencies are utilising the Framework so we can build upon good practice across the sector.

Page last updated 31 October 2016