Training and development opportunities

The Commission is committed to providing HR practitioners with learning and development opportunities designed to develop skills and knowledge aligned to the PSC HR Capability Framework.  Our focus is on assisting you to continue implementing changes arising from public sector reform, and planning for the future workforce through an array of supporting tools and workshops.   These workshops are also designed to address:

  • the immediate learning needs identified by HR Managers at the first of the HR Forums run by the Public Sector Commission, and
  • the learning needs self-identified by HR practitioners through the HR Skills Survey conducted in 2010 by Government Skills Australia.

Government Skills Australia have made a number of recommendations related to development of the HR profession and individuals in each of the reports.   The response to these recommendations is currently being considered as part of our overall approach to professional learning and development.

We have made the GSA HR Skills reports available to agencies.

HR Capability Development Program - Foundations of Government HR

The Foundations of Government HR program was delivered between 2012-2015. During this time over 200 HR practitioners from over 55 public sector organisations completed the program. The program was:

  • contextualised for WA Public Sector HR Practitioners
  • designed to keep pace with contemporary HR theory and practice
  • mapped to the PSP40104 Certificate IV in Government (with a HR focus) and the Certificate IV in Government (Human Resources) when this qualification is established

The Foundations of Government HR program was comprised of six modules.  Each module was  delivered as a one day workshop, one per month over six months.  The workshops included face-to-face delivery, scenario-based and active learning, pre and post workshop learning activities and facilitate on-the-job application.

An overview of the content of the Foundations of Government HR program, including reference material, can be found in the FoGHR program toolkit.

Future development strategies targeting HR practitioners

In 2016 we will be exploring alternative strategies to support and develop HR practitioners across the sector. These strategies will focus on:

  • The need for public officers to be agile and flexible, and able to adapt quickly to a changing environment. 
  • Harnessing technology to drive productivity and efficiency.
  • Utilising the 70:20:10 model of professional development.
  • Building capabilities around collaboration, negotiation and stakeholder engagement.

We intend to build upon the foundational knowledge covered in the FoGHR program. We will be seeking input from HR practitioners and other stakeholders in the sector in the development of these initiatives (in terms of content, examples, potential presenters, and preferred methods of delivery) to ensure current areas of need or concern are addressed. We also want to continue to leverage off existing capabilities in the sector and utilise subject matter experts and real-life examples wherever possible.

If you have an interest in contributing to the development of future initiatives we encourage you to contact

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