Skills audit

Government Skills Australia (GSA) undertook an audit of policy skills in the Western Australian public sector.

About the report

The objective of the audit is to establish an understanding of the current skill and qualification base of our WA Public Sector policy practitioners; providing intelligence for workforce planning; determining policy practitioners’ generic and specific training and development needs, now and in the future. 

Policy practitioners completed the audit via an on-line questionnaire that was distributed to over 600 public sector staff from 43 agencies that agreed to participate.  As a result of this survey GSA has compiled an aggregate report which contains a number of key findings and recommendations related to the development of policy practitioners in the WA sector.

The report contains an Executive Summary and Key Findings obtained from the results of the audit, including a number of training and development, retention, recruitment and workforce planning related recommendations.  

What next?

The report will further assist individual agencies and the public sector as a whole by providing current information on the skill and qualification base of policy personnel.  This information will support ongoing workforce planning strategies and management and offer short and long term strategic solutions to address those issues identified in the audit.

The report was used in the development of the Policy Capability Framework which was launched to the sector in November 2012.

Page last updated 28 December 2012