Capability frameworks

Finance capability framework​​

The Finance Capability Framework has been developed to provide an overview and define at a high level the agreed capabilities and competencies required for a successfully performing finance function in the public sector. The Finance Capability Framework comprises the following suite of documents:

Capability​ profiles

  • The Finance capability profile describes the key competencies across six main financial function capability areas and related capability sets. It recognises the wide variety of roles, position classifications and levels of responsibilities that exist within the central finance units of small, medium and large organisations.
  • The Policy capability framework has been developed for public sector policy practitioners at levels 3 through to 8 and above. It details the capabilities required to build the capability and capacity of our policy workforce, and ensure the workforce is able to think innovatively about the way services to the community are designed, funded, delivered and evaluated.
  • The Human Resources Capability Framework for the WA Public Sector has been developed for Levels 1 through to 7+ to build the capability and capacity of our human resources workforce to ensure that the profession is well positioned to support the strategic directions of the Western Australia public sector now and into the future.
  • The Leadership capability profiles provides a common language to support consistent whole-of-government leadership development.

Success profiles

  • The CFO success profile and accompanying Guidelines for measuring the Chief Finance Officer role identify a number of expectations, accountabilities and experiences that define a successful Chief Finance Officer, or its equivalent.  
  • The joint success profile and accompanying guidelines for measuring the Chief Human Resource Officer role identify a number of expectations, accountabilities and experiences that Australian and New Zealand Public Service Commissioners agree defines a successful Chief Human Resource Officer, or is equivalent. There is a shared commitment by the Commissioners to advocate for the role of CHRO as a k​​ey partner and enabler of business outcomes.  

Page last updated 23 December 2016