Chief Executive Officer success profile

The role of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), or its equivalent, is critical to organisation performance and is the driver of organisation strategy, business and policy outcomes.  

The CEO success profile is a tool primarily used to link an organisation’s people strategy to its overall business strategy by describing what is required for people to succeed in the CEO role within their organisational environment and beyond.

The profile describes and supports high level CEO leadership and business-focussed success factors by outlining role expectations, examples of key accountabilities and experiences deemed critical to overall individual, organisation and whole of sector performance.

It assists CEOs and relevant key stakeholders to understand, define and describe what it takes to be successful at both a strategic organisation and whole of sector level in order to drive innovation, enhance capability and promote collaboration to deliver outcomes.

The six expectations contained in the profile are:

  • Contribute to the development and achievement of high level strategic government and sector-wide goals.
  • Shape and achieve organisation-level strategic, business, policy and budget objectives and goals.
  • Accountable for making quality decisions and sustainable outcomes.
  • Demonstrate significant personal integrity, exemplary ethical standards and resilience.
  • Navigate the role of the public sector and all levels of government.
  • Foster consultative and collaborative working relationships and networks.

The profile can be used to establish a common understanding and language within and across agencies.

Guidelines fo​r measuring

To complement the CEO success profile, the accompanying Guidelines for measuring provide advice on how to measure the success of the CEO role and whether expectations are met by assessing the CEO’s overall impact.   

As each agency and each CEO role is unique, these guidelines are not intended to be either prescriptive or exhaustive. It is therefore recommended that CEOs and responsible authorities adopt, adapt and add to these suite of measurements, as appropriate to their individual and organisational context.


Page last updated 13 June 2017