Chief Human Resource Officer joint success profile

There is a shared commitment by the Australian and New Zealand Public Service Commissioners to advocate for the role of CHRO as a k​​ey partner and enabler of business outcomes. In support of this commitment, the Commissioners have developed the following profile outlining the expectations, accountabilities and suggested experiences deemed necessary for an effective and successful Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO), or its equivalent, within public sector agencies.

While the CHRO success profile and accompanying measurement guidelines are not mandatory it is hoped they will play a role in elevating the HR profile and securing a seat for the CHRO at the executive table. The profile and guidelines may be used as a tool for agencies to apply at their own discretion and assist in establishing a common language across public authorities.

The six expectations contained in the profile are:

  • Understand the organisation’s business and its role in public value creation
  • Act as a steward of organisational culture and capability
  • Enable leaders to engage and manage the workforce as a key driver to achieve business outcomes
  • Empower the organisation to make workforce decisions based on evidence and insights
  • Partner with leaders to develop key workforce interventions to meet changing demands and rising customer expectations
  • Build functional excellence within the HR area to improve credibility and promote customer focus.

The accountabilities include:

  • Build relationships of trust and credibility, particularly with the agency’s senior leaders and key stakeholders
  • Provide outstanding leadership through significant times of change
  • Empower leaders to gain the utmost business value from the agency’s workforce
  • Design and implement innovative people solutions
  • Inspire change and new ways of thinking
  • Develop coherent talent, culture and leadership strategies.

Guideli​​nes for measuring

Further to the CHRO profile, the accompanying guidelines for measuring a joint success profile for Chief Human Resource Officers provide agencies with advice on how they can measure the success of the CHRO role through its overall impact in terms of ‘HR process enablers’ and ‘Agency business outcomes’. 

HR process enablers - Does the agency’s HR function perform in the way the CHRO success profile suggests it should?

Agency business outcomes - Does the agency achieve the impact the CHRO success profile suggests it should?

The HR process enablers are categorised under organisational culture, workforce capability, leadership enablement and workforce decisions. The Agency business outcomes are broadly grouped together under customer satisfaction, business sustainability and value for money.

The guidelines also identify areas where the success of the CHRO could be measured through a number of suggested key indicators. It is recommended that individual agencies tailor the areas of success and key indicators to the agency’s business area, objectives and requirements and identify the kinds of evidence that would be most relevant in evaluating the success of the CHRO role. 


Page last updated 20 July 2016