Finance capability profile

In 2015, the Public Sector Commission and the Department of Treasury (Treasury) undertook a review of the financial capability within the Western Australian public sector.  A report summarising the findings of the review, including a recommendation to produce a finance capability profile (FCP), was circulated to all chief finance officers (CFOs) in March 2016.

During 2016, the CFO Reform Steering Group gathered input from a variety of State Government finance staff to produce the profile.

The profile applies to all finance roles across the public sector and is categorised across six main financial function capability areas:

  • financial and statutory accounting
  • financial systems
  • government financial policy
  • management accounting - budgeting government
  • management accounting – budgeting generic
  • taxation.

The profile is part of the broader Finance Capability Framework suite of documents – it complements the CFO success profile and accompanying Guidelines for measuring, Level 1-6 capability profile and the Leadership capability profiles (level 7 to class 4)

The profile provides:

  • an outline of the key finance function capability sets that are critical to the delivery of government services and championed by subject matter experts from across the sector
  • a common language for, and set of expectations of, the professional finance function
  • guidelines to support development activities to promote career progression and mobility across the broader public sector
  • a clear foundation for dialogue between managers and staff about performance and development.

Page last updated 23 December 2016