Appendix D – Evaluation template

The regional leadership evaluation template makes use of the New World Kirkpatrick Model through focus areas and sample questions. The Australian Public Service Commission and Australian National Audit Office’s ‘Building Capability’ framework document gives further background and examples.

Questions used should reflect the development aims, chosen approach and agency needs. They are written for participants but can be adapted to suit managers, other leaders, presenters, facilitators and external stakeholders.

Prompts such as ‘why/why not?’ and ‘please explain’ encourage thoughtful responses but should not be overused.

Table: Evaluation template
Focus area Sample questions


Did the - blended learning activity - meet your objectives and expectations?

For the activity itself:

  • Did you have enough background information?
  • Was there time to prepare?
  • Was the location suitable?
  • Were start, finish and break times appropriate?
  • Were your questions addressed?
  • How were you involved?

In your role:

  • Will you be able to use the - experience, skills, information?
  • How do you plan to do this?


Thinking about your development need/s:

  • What was your level of - understanding, knowledge, skills - before the-activity?
  • What is your level of - understanding, knowledge, skills - now?

In your role, considering this change:

  • What do you plan to do differently?
  • How confident are you in doing so?


Think back to the blended learning option on day, time, venue:

  • How are you going with the - development area, need?
  • You planned to do - activity - differently. When did this happen?
  • How useful is the - new knowledge, skill, experience - now?
  • Have you had feedback from others?

Do you need anything further to maximise the learning and development?


Think back to the blended learning option on day, time venue:

  • Have the objectives now been met?
  • What was the strongest outcome for:
    • you
    • the team
    • the agency - as appropriate?
  • What results did you achieve? What evidence do you have?
  • Are you working towards new objectives?
  • How can you share this experience with others?

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