The Western Australian public sector is the largest employer in the state, offering a wide range of work across a variety of locations, with approximately a quarter of the workforce employed in the regions.

Our regional contribution to the national economy is considerable. As Asia asserts itself as a key driver of global economic growth, the product and service exports of our regions will continue to be a major determinant of our nation’s prosperity.

One of the key tasks for our regional leaders is to assist the regions in capitalising on their significant competitive advantages. This publication, Leading in the regions, supports public sector agencies to build leadership ‘bench strength’ by providing a range of strategies and good practice examples.

There are many agencies actively working to build regional leadership. I encourage agency heads with a regional presence to review this resource and consider opportunities to continue to invest in building and sustaining our regional leaders.

I take this opportunity to thank agencies for their contribution to this publication, particularly the Department of Training and Workforce Development, Regional Development Council and the Regional Development Commissions.

M C Wauchope



Page last updated 23 July 2014