As community needs and expectations continue to increase, the Western Australian public sector must attract, support and retain skilled leaders. Approximately one in four employees work in the regions, but the number of senior leaders with regional experience is limited. Those responsible for decision making and policy development must have strong regional knowledge and networks, especially in the areas of succession planning, knowledge sharing and efficiency. They particularly need exposure to regional issues and trends, regardless of where they work.

This resource offers ideas and discussion points for agencies to share regional knowledge, experience and understanding around:

  • employee capability and development
  • workforce planning
  • performance management
  • succession planning
  • collection and sharing of corporate knowledge
  • communication
  • recognition of achievements and best practice
  • evaluation of time, effort and other resources
  • particular challenges unique to the regions.

Consultation with regional and metropolitan leaders provided strong direction for the content of this resource. The focus areas relate to the sections in this resource.

Flowchart showing an overview of the Leading for the regions resource


Page last updated 23 July 2014