Public Sector Commissioner's Circulars

Public Sector Commissioner’s Circulars relate to:

  • public sector management policy or arrangements – these are made to promote and improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the public sector
  • mandatory compliance obligations - these do not originate from the Public Sector Commissioner’s functions or the Public Sector Management Act 1994 (PSMA).

Premier’s Circulars that relate to policies of the Government of the day and whole of State legislative/policy requirements that do not come under the provisions of the PSMA are administered by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

It is the responsibility of Chief Executive Officers to remain informed of Public Sector Commissioner’s Circular content, comply with their directions and disseminate information to relevant staff.

Public sector agencies can put forward a case for a Circular by complying with the process and guidelines outlined in Administration of Public Sector Commissioner’s Circulars. In addition, the Public Sector Commissioner’s Circulars Template is also available.

If you have a query relating to a specific Circular, please contact the person nominated in the respective Circular. For general queries relating to Public Sector Commissioner’s Circulars, email

Number Title
2019-01 Participation by public sector employees and officeholders in Federal and State elections and by elections
2018-03 Code of Practice: Occupational Safety and Health in the Western Australian public sector
2018-02 Measures to achieve equality in human resource management
2017-04 Equal employment opportunity management plans and workforce planning in the public sector
2017-03 Workforce Management - Senior Executive Service Reduction
2017-02 Workforce Management – Senior Executive Service and leave liability
2016-01 Costing and Pricing Government Services
2015-03 Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning
2015-01 Implementation of the Policy Framework for Substantive Equality
2014-03 Strategic Asset Management Framework

Policy Framework and Standards for Information Sharing Between Government Agencies

2013-03 Policy Framework and Standards for Address Management in Public Sector Entities
2012-04 Acting in Salaries and Allowances Tribunal (SAT) Determined positions and non SAT CEO Positions
2012-02 Self-managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) - Outside Employment
2010-05 Computer Information and Internet Security
2010-03 Policy for Public Sector Witnesses Appearing Before Parliamentary Committees
2009-32 Days in Lieu - Public Service Holidays
2009-30 Government Intellectual Property Policy
2009-27 Complaints Management
2009-20 Reimbursement of Travel Expenses for Members of Government Boards and Committees
2009-18 Guidelines for Expenditure on Official Hospitality
2009-16 Guidelines for Successful Partnerships between Public Sector Agencies and Volunteers
2009-15 Information for ministers, ministerial staff and public sector employees called as witnesses before the Corruption and Crime Commission
2009-10 Communication Arrangements between Ministers and Agencies - Section 74 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994
2009-05 Identification of Public Servants Who Infringe Traffic Laws When Driving Government Vehicles
2009-04 Employment of New Zealand Citizens
2009-01 Western Australian Language Services Policy 2014

A list of rescinded Public Sector Commissioner's Circulars are available.

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